Young Professionals is a challenging programme which offers ambitious and high-achieving students an insight into different future career paths. Students receive both theoretical and practical tuition in one of five possible professions:

– Business & Enterprise
– Digital Marketing & Communications
– Forensic Science & Criminology
– International Relations & Law
– Sport Science & Nutrition
Young Professionals receive a variety of teaching styles, combining theory lessons, practical sessions and group project work, as well as academic skills lessons designed to improve personal qualities such as critical thinking, logic and interview technics. Each week, students go on a » Study-in-Action » excursion, to a destination related to their chosen career.
Tonbridge School was first established in 1553 by Sir Andrew Judde and King Edward VI. Today, Tonbridge is one of the most highly-regarded and exclusive boarding schools in the country and forms part of the ‘Eton Group’ of schools.

Who is this course for?

  • Students with at least an intermediate level of English looking to improve their ability via a challenging context
  • Students looking for an insight into future career paths in an English-speaking environment
  • Students looking to gain a deeper understanding into the theory and practice behind a specific career path
  • Students looking for a more «hands-on» an applied learning experience


At a glance:

  • Where: at Tonbridge School, Kent (  1h from Heathrow airport;  40′ from Gatwick airport)
  • Age range:  16 – 18
  • Minimum Language level: B1- lower intermediate
  • Dates: Tuesday 5 July – Tuesday 2 August
  • Residential accommodation full – board
  • Single and double rooms



  • 25 hours of tuition per week
  • Maximum classes of 11: students receive a combination of classroom theory-based teaching, as well as practical sessions
  • 2 full-day weekly excursions, one of them is the ‘Study-in-Action’ excursion, to a destination related to their chosen career
  • Careers: Business & Enterprise
                          Digital Marketing & Communications
                          Forensic Science & Criminology
                          International Relations & Law
                          Sport Science & Nutrition
  • Minimum staff-student ratio of 1:7. There is always a trained first aider on-site, and students are supervised 24 hours a day

Business & Enterprise

Students will learn to evaluate business behaviour from theperspective of a range of stakeholders including owner, shareholder, manager, employee, customer, supplier, lender and government.
It is aimed for students who want to get a head start in the business world and develop their understanding of how success is built within the world of work.

Digital Marketing & Communication

Ideal for students interested in working in the digital world, or pursuing a career in Marketing. 
The Digital Marketing & Communications stream of Young Professionals aims to introduce students to a career in the digital marketing industry. Through a combination of theory lessons and practical workshops, students develop a critical understanding of marketing and its relationship with media and learn how to effectively communicate with consumers across a digital platform.

Forensic Science & Criminology

Students enrolled on this courses explore elements from a multitude of fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, psychology and social science. Forensic science teaches students to be methodical, accurate, unbiased and openminded. A combination of laboratorybased experiments, case studies and anatomical studies provides students with an intriguing first step into the field.
It is aimed for inquisitive students who have a broad interest in the field of science and human psychology. The course is ideal for students interested in an investigative career in government or private industry.

International Relations & Law

This course offers a study of world history, global power relations and shifts in the international economy.
The syllabus aims to enhance student knowledge on the sources of conflict and cooperation among states, as well as the roles of culture, identity and ideas in world politics.
It is aimed for students who pretend careers in global organisations such as government foreign offices, the United Nations or the European. International relations can also be applied at roles in overseas aid, international development and NGOs.

Sport Science & Nutrition

Delve into the science of Sport and Nutrition to gain an understanding of how these key areas are applied to elite athletes at the peak of their careers.

Sample Timetable

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