Students gain a first-hand experience of the performing arts industry through tuition in actingsingingdancingstagecombat and puppetry, as well as taking part in West End workshops and watching West End shows

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King’s College is a world-famous prestigious university in the heart of London. It is consistently ranked among the top Universities in both the UK and the world. Classrooms take place in the Virginia Woolf building, whilst meals and activities take place in the main building on the Strand, next to Somerset House.

Who is this course for?

  • Students who want to pursue a career in the performing arts industry
  • Students who want to improve their confidence in public speaking and performance
  • Young, motivated students looking to discover their passion pathways
  • Student who wish to enlarge their academic portfolio for university applications

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the West End theatre industry
  • Experience a range of classes to sample the different components that make up a theatre performance on stage
  • Meet and work with top theatre industry professionals who will share their first hand experience and industry knowledge
  • Improve confidence and communication skills
  • Improve teamwork and ensemble skills
  • Build on talent and performance skills
  • Understand and gain insight into what is required for a career in theatre


Students take part in West End workshops and watch West End shows.

West End On Demand is a leading performing arts organisation offering real-life insights into the industry.
Their exciting workshops are taught by cast members from the top West End shows ensuring that students will receive a truly purposeful and relevant experience.
They are passionate about learning through drama and focus on building confidence, creativity, communication skills and talent, whilst having lots of fun.

This course is industry certified by West End On
Demand, a leading performing arts organisation offering workshops lead by industry professionals.


West End On Demand
Certificate of Completion

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