This course is an intensive academic and pre-university course for high-achieving students with a global perspective. The programme provides subject-specific tuition at a first-year undergraduate level that prepares students for an elite university experience. Our dynamic team of tutors, many of whom are Oxbridge alumni, will guide students through engaging lessons that utilize a variety of hands-on and interactive pedagogical methods to explore challenging topics in an interactive way. Students will also learn from guest speakers and university mentors whilst developing key academic and professional skills that will support their future studies and the university admissions process.

This programme prepares students to Excel in their chosen subjects with the highly competitive higher education environment.

Students choose two university-level subjects per 2 weeks, taught at a first-year undergraduate level.


The main objectives of this programme are to:

  • Study your chosen subject in a challenging yet rewarding academic environment
  • Gain valuable experience and soft skills through group projects that reflect real-life global issues
  • Experience university life and make friendships with an international cohort of like-minded students
  • Explore the UK through cultural trips


  • Students with an advanced or native level of English
  • Students who want to study at a UK university and gain an insight into undergraduate life
  • Motivated students with a keen interest in their chosen subject
  • Students who want to support their applications into the top UK universities




Teaching on the Advanced Studies Programme mirrors Oxbridge university learning in many ways, including small group tutorials. Classes have no more than one teacher to eight students, creating a personalised learning atmosphere. Small group tutorials are a key educational strategy that reflects the active, student-centered learning model. This method encourages active exploration and autonomous learning whilst facilitating peer collaboration and team building.



A hallmark of the Advanced Studies Programme is the University Masterclasses which provide students with clear and targeted pre-university advice and preparation. Students learn from experienced tutors, including many of whom are Oxbridge graduates, and gain key university preparation advice. Masterclasses range from pre-university advice, such as workshops on admissions essays to admissions interview advice, to post-admissions guidance, such as building university- level study skills and time management. Students receive individualized advice and emerge from each Masterclass with more confidence and knowledge of how they can succeed in their future academic goals.



Students have the rare opportunity to debate inside Oxford or Cambridge University’s Student Union, one of the
 most famous buildings of the university. Our course’s Debate Society encourages students to develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills whilst debating a provoking topic tied to current affairs. Tutors guide students to construct solid arguments and prepare for counterarguments whilst supporting students to write powerful opening and closing statements. Students also build teamwork, leadership, and communication skills during this activity, which culminates in a mock debate at the Student Union moderated by experienced tutors.



Each week, students listen to a guest lecture by a renowned scholar who shares their expertise and insight. These lectures are tailored to students’ interests and academic levels. Lecture topics often include sharing cutting-edge research, a discussion of current events, or exploring the future of one area of academic study. Students are encouraged to actively engage with the guest lecturer during the Q&A session, and often have opportunities to network with the speaker and received personalised advice.


1:1 Supervisions

Students have one Oxbridge style 1:1 supervision with their subject tutors per week. These sessions are designed to give students the opportunity to discuss, in detail, their work and plans for further education


Available courses:

  • Business & Management Studies
  • Civil & Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Environmental Science & Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Physics
  • Psychology


At a glance:


  • At MAGDALENE COLLEGE in CAMBRIDGE ( 1h15 from Heathrow airport and 2h from Gatwick airport )
  • Age range: 16 – 18 # Advanced/Native language Level: C1
  • 2 Sessions: ( 1 ) 11 July – 25 July ( 2 ) 25 July – 8 August, 2023
  • Accommodation is set across 2 boarding Houses ( male/ female )
  • Full-board accommodation ( packed lunch on excursion days )
  • Twin bedrooms
  • Laundry is free and available on-site


  • 23 tuition hours per week
  • Class size: 8
  • University level subject tuition. Subjects delivered by expert tutors
  • 2 full-day excursions
  • Personalised report card & Certificate


 Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge grew out of an association of scholars who left the University of Oxford after a dispute with the local people of Oxford.

Cambridge University is one of the top universities in the world. It is regularly in the top five of global university league tables and is renowned as one of the leading centres of academic excellence. Such a famous and beautiful university is the perfect location for a prestigious summer experience. Cambridge is rich in heritage and tradition and students have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of 10 Kings and Queens; 45 Presidents and Prime Ministers; and 89 Nobel Prize winners.


MAGDALENE COLLEGE is the seventh oldest Cambridge University College. The oldest part of the College, the beautiful FIRST COURT, is 550 years old. It began as a hostel for Benedictine student monks before becoming an oficial Cambridge University College.


Situated on the charming Banks of the River Cam, MAGDALENE COLLEGE has the longest riverfront of any College in Cambridge. It was founded in 1428 by the Lord Chancellor of King Henry VII.


In the sixteenth century, Thomas Audley bought the college, fiving MAGDALENE its  crest and motto which still exists today. MAGDALENE is pronounced “ maudlin ” because Lord Audley wanted it to sound like his name! Famous MAGDALENE alumni include Samuel Pepys, Julian Fellows and C.S.Lewis. The new Master of Magdalene is the ex – Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.



A beautiful 16th century dining room where students have the opportunity to celebrate their last evening on the programme. Students dine by candlelight below the stunning stained glass Windows.



A great place to relax between tutorials and in the evening. The JCR contains sofás, a TV and some traditional board games.

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