Think of a memorable gig, concert or music festival you’ve been to… One fan in the midst of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others.
What was the atmosphere like? Was there enough space to dance if you wanted to, or could you only move when the crowd moved you? How did the sound affect you? Too loud? Not loud enough? Even if you’ve never been to a live performance, what do you imagine it would be like? How would you want to feel?

There are some places where sound can sound truly great, yet we probably don’t think about the science and engineering behind it.

One thing is certain – there’s a great architecture, engineering and construc on team involved. In this course, students will Imagine they are part of that team and commissioned by their favourite artist to design an independent recording studio and in mate live music venue for the Cambridge Philarmonic.

Their client (the artist!) wants to offer a vibrant space of excellent acoustic quality to musicians who are just starting out, giving them a place to rehearse, record and perform. The live venue should accommodate a maximum audience of 300 people standing and the entire building must be highly sustainable and inclusive.


Students must consider:

  • How the building will offer a memorable performer and audience experience
  • What the artists’ requirements are in terms of sound and confort
  • How they will create spaces with excellent acoustic quality
  • How they will create spaces that evoke an intimate experience for/with the artista
  • How the space will be flexible for different music genres
  • How the building will fit into the local environment, both physically and culturally
  • What social, environmental and economic issues they will consider
  • How their building will support and influence future artists

Students on this course will learn the most relevant skills and techniques needed by anybody considering a professional career in architecture, engineering and construction including problem solving, team-working and critical thinking. With access to state-of-the-art computer facilites throughout the two-week experience, students can also expect to develop excellent digital skills using industry standard building design software.



  • Students aspiring to a career in architecture or engineering
  • Students with a keen interest in construction and design
  • Students who want to expand their academic portfolio and assist their entrance to university
  • Motivated students who want to gain key insights into the skills required to succeed in the architectural and design industry



  • Understand digital design, engineering and construct on techniques and practices
  • Develop profesional skills and competencies
  • Communicate design concepts clearly, concisely and confidently
  • Gain knowledge of industry best practices, standards and needs



This course partners with leading professionals to ensure the latest industry best-practices are understood and delivered. Class Of Your Own is world-leading in creating STEM focussed learning programmes such as ‘Design, Engineer, Construct’ that introduce students to the architectural and construction industries and broaden their academic portfolio for entrance into university. 
Students attending this course will receive a Certificate of Completion and a fully accredited DEC Award Certificate.


There are only 20 places available per 2 week session open to students of all nationalities, which means places are given on a first come, first served basis. The structure of the course sees students working in groups to complete the course project, and the strict language level ensures that every student will still have a fullfilling experience without  applying the usual nationality cap. The course is industry aligned, from the content to the tutors and to the overall experience.


At a glance:


  • Corpus Christi College, CAMBRIDGE ( a 1h30 from Heathrow airport; 2h from Gatwick airport )
  • Age range: 16 – 18 # Language level range B2-C1 -Minimum: B2 (Upper – Intermediate )-
  • 2 Sessions: ( 1 ) 11 July – 25 July ( 2 ) 25 July – 8 August, 2023
  • Full-board accommodation ( packed lunch on excursion days )
  • Single bedrooms ( separate male and female accommodation ); shared bathrooms
  • Linen and towels provided
  • Laundry is free and available on-site
  • Porters Lodge 24/7


  • 25 tuition hours per week
  • Class size: 20 course places per session
  • 2 full-day excursions per week
  • Personalised report card & Industry Certification


Founded in 1352, Corpus Christi College is the 6th oldest College in Cambridge University and one of the most beautiful colleges in the University. It was founded by the townspeople rather than a wealthy individual patron like other colleges, Corpus is smaller than most with approximately 250 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates.


It is located in the centre of the historic city a few minutes walk from King’s College Chapel, the central market square and the city centre shops, cafes, and museums.


Students bedrooms are located in New Court, at the heart of the College. Male and female accommodations are in separate staircases with members of staff spread throughout.


CORPUS MAIN HALL is known as one of the most beautiful Dining Halls in Cambridge, students will take all of their meals in this new gothic style hall, the walls of which are lined with portraits of previous Masters.


PELICAN BAR is a comfortable space with sofas, a pool table and table tennis where students can relax between periods and during free time. It can also be converted into a space for hosting activities such as casino night and board games nights.

William Wilkins, who designed New Court in Corpus Christi also went on to design the National Gallery in London. Corpus was his favourite work however, and he is now buried in the college chapel, per his request.

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